From A Manufacturer to a high-end Tea Brand

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Lumibini goes back to decades of experience in tea with an amazing  and outstanding cozy story from a Lankan tea valley to processing  some of the most authentic tea with distinct taste of Ceylon.

When Lumbini Tea came to us , we found its backstory and location to  possess a strong and powerful trademark on tea consumers. Our  Strategic Branding and Packaging for Lumibini Tea, started stemming from that. Within the competitive tea exports background in Sri Lanka,  we wanted to give assurance to Lumbini Tea in creating an  outstanding tea brand, through its strategic branding and packaging

As a team, we always believed that the most important thing about  appealing to any customer is to create an eye catching, powerful  image for the one who beholds. So here we are today, seeing Lumbini  win all awards and making a powerful imprint in the tea exports  industry not only in mother Lanka but across the globe.

Lumbini Won the Most Outstanding Value Added Exporter Gold Award  from NCE Export Awards 2017 For Exports and Silver medal for the  best Tea Packaging (Manjary Tea [මංජරී] – Lumbini DALU Hand Made  Teas) in 2018 in Australia. Lumbini Tea is now featured in world  renowned Paul Depuis 1889 Singapore Changi Airport Jewel outlet  and many more.

Since Lumbini embarked on this journey with us we have been nothing  but prouder by the day for all its achievements by far. As of now  Lumbini Tea has transformed to entitle “World’s Most Awarded  Specialty Teas”. And we are proud to say that The Gold Award for  Printing and Gold Award for Best Tea Packaging was won by  DesignLogics in this making.