An inspiration to remember, an aspiration for Anil’s Select

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Every client who comes to us have a story and a uniqueness of its own. But Anil’s Select started with humble beginnings as a simple  brand yet “a unique sophistication that caught my attention” said  Dammikka Sriwardhana ( Director/ Principal DesignLogics and Co- Founder SOFTAES).

First, is their extra ordinary process in tea selection. The other aspect  was Anil Fernando’s heritage in creating The Diamond Jubilee Blend
for the Queen. “These two combined, left a strong impression on me  which inspired me in creating a brand unique on its own, inspiring as it is  and his testimony in creating the best luxury tea brand. So, I, came up  with its branding as “Anil’s Select” added Dammikka.

In creating Anil’s Select range since the tea is unique we wanted to  assure to deliver an exceptional packaging as well as something that
highlights its distinctiveness altogether. Having this elegant identity, we  thought that the packaging had to be designed in such a way that it  conveys this. So in creating the packaging, our solution was to come  up with a design that is apprehended as combination of luxury & environmental friendly. With this concept in our minds we designed a  beautiful gift packaging which is tack able, small in size and has a  unique character of its own.

This packaging as a result led us DesignLogics in winning the Asian  Print Awards 2019.