Sustainable export Marketing strategy for A leading Lankan brand

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Having worked with numerous organizations across all industries,  our experience supports the perception that a high degree of  interest exists among senior leadership and organizational
members charged with advocating for sustainability. In this light, our  goal is simply to promote sustainability and we developed a brand
line and packaging that will not only help the environment but also  can be a part and parcel of green living.

Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional products  is becoming increasingly easy these days. As more products become
available, the more choices we have when it comes to combining  green living with contemporary life. So we developed a original and
exclusive brand for Baraka for the Healthcare and Beauty sector. We  understood that Baraka has knowledge and knowhow to use these health
care products for a niche market . To balance their portfolio they wanted  a high end brand, or rather high end branded products. So we started
off with our packaging for Baraka Cocolé cosmetic range with  biodegradable and recyclable packaging material to promote green
living and environmental sustainability.

In creating this range of Cocolé products we noticed a gap in the market  which didn’t consist of virgin coconut oil range. Having that in our backend  we introduced brand Cocolé and created a personal health care line for  health and beauty industry. With a range of creams, balms and serums  Baraka Cocolé came in to life in a simple but elegant eco-friendly packaging. Since its launch it has been growing many countries like; Russian, Ukraine,  Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, & Malaysia. In the making of Baraka Cocolé products,  we succeeded within our technology capabilities of Rapid Prototyping.

With sustainability initiatives influencing consumer choices, implementing
carbon footprint management by our packaging we hope to support & remain  competitive in today’s market.