Throughout history, many pandemics have put economies at halt resulting in major crisis’ locally and globally. With loss of life, came also loss of livelihoods. But these were all lessons to be learned in order to always be equipped for the most unexpected of events to roll out. As an organisation advocating sustainability, we are awaiting to grab opportunities, and help economies sustain by setting the best strategies and putting them into action to come out stronger, better and hopeful to help “communities, companies and country”.

SOFTES has identified that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can and will play a crucial role to withstand the economic draw back and help government and our country “re-start” during this post pandemic period. School of Foreign Trade and Export Strategy has articulated a mechanism; “SOFTES Enterprise Transformation Credit Scheme”, that can accommodate these resourceful SMEs through an innovative, systematic financial support. This as we believe can, not only act as a safety net but also as a prominent hand to support and rebuild the driving forces of the country’s economy.

SOFTES Enterprise Transformation Credit Scheme (ETCS) is built for a specific function; to empower SMEs through financial support, monitoring and mentoring. This scheme is targeted at rewarding SMEs based on their production; meaning, Enterprise Transformation Credit Scheme is a production-based lending system, that is created to reduce the cost of funds whilst managing funds and monitoring funds. We believe that this mechanism will not only benefit the SMEs but also has the immense ability to benefit banks/financial institutions, resulting in inclusive growth.


Enterprise Transformation Credit Scheme (ETCS) is powered with our proprietary digital tools, Biz Intel and Chinmatrixx; to manage funds and monitor funds while activating the supply chain through seamless integration and synchronisation. Thus, this innovative mechanism as a whole will be beneficial for the SMEs as it can reduce payback period, increase performances & profits, and deliver a better value proposition and a flexible payment mechanism. Through the built-in KPI based lending system, it is assured to result in a higher output which in turn creates higher productivity with lower financial cost. Finally, SMEs can and will be competitive in the market by adapting this mechanism.

On the other hand, Banks are able to eliminate mismanagement of funds by monitoring through the above proprietary Digital tools. This reduces the risk and the pressure of the banks/financial institutions since funds will be given to a specific task of a borrower. In addition, management of funds would be easy for banks since the system gathers ample information such as: type of industry, position in supply chain, demand for the specific products, accurate market predictability etc. Through robust easy data analysis banks will be able to identify accurate funding requirements of the borrower. Most importantly, Enterprise Transformation Credit Scheme works against the NPL (NonPerforming Loan) ratio of the bank by a significant amount.

In a nutshell we call our Enterprise Transformation Credit Scheme, “an innovative lending mechanism created to activate and fast track the on demand supply chain that disburses, manages and traces funds simultaneously.”

A little thinking behind what we write….

Whilst the internet is flooded with everything “COVID” and “economic crisis”, the objective of this article is simple; it is to cope with the current situation at hand from the initial point of occurrence through the point of damage control and abatement, and to be hopeful for what the future might unfold.

Let’s learn the lessons and gear up to build futures, not drawn in them and become the “overrated”. Let us all create the spark that everyone is in need to experience the most. RE-START, RE-FRESH, AND RE-THINK your way forward, every day is a new day and let us all be hopeful.

School of Foreign Trade and Export Strategy – “together for a shared future.”











-Carol R Taylor-