enterprise accelerator

Maitrixx Enterprise Accelerator is created ”to encourage banks to confidently lend by taking securities over movable properties and/or on the strength of intangible properties with a view to getting over the entry barriers to the export trade.”

SOFTAES Enterprise Transformation Customer Journey

SOFATES Analytical Tool “BizIntel”

BizIntel is a Proprietary Advanced Digital Decision Support System of SOFTES. BizIntel helps companies carry out comprehensive analysis about their businesses and identify critical issues which hinder performances and productivity of companies. Based on the results of Company Analysis via BizIntel, our team of consultants will propose solutions for identified issues to improve company’s performance to reach full market potential. BizIntel comprises of four distinct zones ( Company’s Stability, Strategic Direction and Operation, Product and Sales and Marketing) which cover all vital areas of a company

Other Technology-Based tools and platforms introduced by SOFTAES

As the technology has become the backbone of global business environment, it plays an important role in revamping sales process of companies to boost sales and streamlining operations. Following technology based tools and platforms will be introduced and discussed during our training programme to help companies boost sales and increase revenue

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM better understands customer behaviours and offer them customized and valuable products always tailored to their needs. It enables exporters to reach right customers of selected countries in a very cost effective way and helps exporters explore new markets and products as well.

Rapid Sampling (RS)

Rapid Sampling is a technology that builds the product sample faster than the normal process. Product samples are given to buyers free of charge by giving buyers the opportunity to test the product in the market before making a purchase. This technology drastically reduces the transaction time between Buyer and Seller.

Container Optimization

Cargo loading and planning is the most essential factor in transportation. It is the proper arrangement of goods, items or cargo into the available space of container. Due to improper arrangement of cargo and unavailability of proper optimization techniques the space gets wasted and damage of goods occurs in container. The proper arrangement and placement of the cargo is very difficult task today. To utilize the maximum occupancy of the container the optimization algorithms are used.

e-Commerce Platforms

It is a proprietary software technology solution that creates a platform for both buyers and sellers to meet each other and perform transactions.